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Young Pharaoh is a Lifestyle and Media brand that embodies the values of our generation.
Our clothing line aims to deliver affordable luxury garments to the highest quality, whilst our media arm focuses on promoting and covering culturally inspired content and arts. Young Pharoah’s philosophy is to be the voice for global truth and self expression.
We are renowned for our influence and authenticity taking great pride in our creative perspective and influence.
We welcome potential partnerships to work with us in expanding our brand.

Young Pharoah was launched in 2015 and is a revolutionary lifestyle brand and enterprise. We are a source for revolutionary thought leadership, content marketing and unisex lifestyle products for all who share our values for self expression, knowledge of self and equal opportunity.

Young Pharoah is committed to providing quality lifestyle experiences via product, arts and entertainment and is dedicated to delivering equality through the supply of services tailored for the needs of our community of members which continues to grow in the UK and globally.

Our aim is to provide revolutionary thought leadership, If you are African, Caribbean, Asian, Indian, Caucasian and share the need for unity and change to how we progress as people, unite and work with each other, have awareness and access to each others businesses and services? We are the community for you. The need for the launch of Young Pharoah came from a frustration to the lack of quality services and relevant thought leadership for our community, tackling the injustices which face our community, taking on issues facing for example afro and Caribbean communities and drive for equality and access to the most sophisticated services that can meet the needs of our members and community.  Over the years membership had grown and we want to be an inclusive rather than exclusive organisation, our reputation is such that we also attract, and welcome, members from across the cultural and diversity spectrum.  

Our Principle aims are to: create a supportive culture and infrastructure uniting ethnic and multi cultural people, communities and businesses. To be the organisation to challenge the current infrastructure which exists for our community of members and be the voice of the people we represent and communities we cater for, driving social change and equality.
To provide quality revolutionary lifestyle products and thought leadership for our community of members.

We seek to build partnerships and collaboration with the most sophisticated services and organisation across our pillars for change, education, legal, housing and financial services. This is because we have identified a huge disproportion of services for our community and a lack of services designed for the needs of our community. Therefore we are changing the perception that black or ethnic people do not support each other. We in fact need to have access to the best services which can benefit our communities?

We are working to change that perception through unity and to create a lasting infrastructure. We will host a number of activities and projects that will benefit our community now and for future generations and need your support.
Therefore we welcome individuals and their communities to become members in the Young Pharoah community because we are tackling immediately the key issues that will benefit our society and community. Forging quality relationships with smes, corpprate organisations and services across legal,housing,financial services and education.  We will have the opportunity to have our voice and communities respected. Have our needs addressed in local government and parliament. We will form alliances and relationships where collaboration can take place and services can be delivered with the needs of our community in mind.

We ask you to get in contact with us to discuss becoming a partner and supplier of your service to our community of members and we will continue our quest for providing the best lifestyle experiences and services this century has ever seen.  We welcome you to join us!

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