Jay-Z Isn’t Deep, and Neither Is His Album. His Job Is Social Control. What are your thoughts!

After watching Yvette Carnell’s thought on the objectives and motives of Jay- Z to drop an album which is believed to be his most awakened approach and stance. We ask the people to share their thoughts as to whether they believe Jay -Z to be a thought provoking rapper now wanting to shed light on the injustices against black ethnic people or as Yvette suggests this is just another business move for Jay-z, latching on to the growing consciousness of millennials and music lovers seeking content and social issues and politics addressed. However if Jay-z was truly wanting to click here educate the people and provide strong social commentary. He would be saying a whole lot more, giving more game on the how social injustice has been designed for financial gain and forwarding of white supremacy, Jay-z can’t expose the whole truth due to his political and business relationships. So Yvette could be suggesting that all the hype of this album being deep is nonsense? He’s just bussed another corporate move on the public and made it look conscience or deep? Stay woke! your comments are welcome we would like to know your thoughts>
young pharoah- Revolution.