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VICE show the real far right supremacists in action in Charlottesville

Alot of propaganda being shown in the media as to who is to blame for recent events resulting in a loss of life during protests in Charlottesville USA. Vice USA gives insight with this journalism to the far right posse leading the protests call them what you will it is obvious after watching this who the real hate mongers and racists are in the this debate, Young Pharoah believes in equality and acceptance of origin, background and ethnicity and does not support any form of racism or bigotry. We want to support VICE in showing the real issues the world is facing with race relations and the need stop racist and prejudiced groups in our society. It is safe to suggest what happens in America has impact all over the world especially in multi cultural societies and country’s where race relations and equality are in great need of vital improvement with a denouncing of far right racist groups. We wanted to support VICE in having the real stories of the people on the ground and on the receiving end of racism and being marginalized heard and understood. This in turn could create more awareness to the the issue of removing confederate memorabilia and statues from American states. Many communities of Black and ethnic origin still live in regions where the confederate flag and it’s key leaders have statues erected and plaques in their honour. This is in spite of the racism and crimes against Black and Ethnic people which took place during the slave trade and at the hands of confederate slave holding states which are till this day have flags and statues erected to show the history and role that state and individual now a statue, played in the slave trade.

27 things I’ve learnt in 27 years – Chyna Desveaux

Check out chyna desveaux, who shows her personality,inspirations and thought provoking ideas via her content on her channel. We like her paasion for inspiring and providing thought which can help all who resonate with all the topics and matters she covers. Check her channel out look out for more from her here at Young Pharoah revolution.

New Music – King L Summer Dreamin EP

Young Pharoah King L drops a long awaited EP “Summer Dreamin” listen here to the 4 track ep which features King L spitting on some beats you may recognise while putting his own style on them. Get involved with King L here and via his soundcloud!

British officers caught attacking black youth in Hackney London

The above footage police will hope will never see the light of day. The mainstream media will ignore it because it’s obvious this is clear neglegence of these racist officers. They strangle the youth called Rash, forcing him to the floor and then two officers apply unneccessary force to him whilst he lay face down on the floor choking. Would this have happened to a white british male. These officers need to be convicted of murder and the people and community must ensure we spread this message globlly, or police will continue to murder black and ethnic people and copy the actions of american police. Leave your comments in suppprt of their trial and convinction, this is your brother, cousin , friend or fellow black person in danger at the hands of racist police. This petition will go towards proof of social outrage at this clear murder. Lets get justice for him and for us.
Young pharoah

Jay-Z Isn’t Deep, and Neither Is His Album. His Job Is Social Control. What are your thoughts!

After watching Yvette Carnell’s thought on the objectives and motives of Jay- Z to drop an album which is believed to be his most awakened approach and stance. We ask the people to share their thoughts as to whether they believe Jay -Z to be a thought provoking rapper now wanting to shed light on the injustices against black ethnic people or as Yvette suggests this is just another business move for Jay-z, latching on to the growing consciousness of millennials and music lovers seeking content and social issues and politics addressed. However if Jay-z was truly wanting to educate the people and provide strong social commentary. He would be saying a whole lot more, giving more game on the how social injustice has been designed for financial gain and forwarding of white supremacy, Jay-z can’t expose the whole truth due to his political and business relationships. So Yvette could be suggesting that all the hype of this album being deep is nonsense? He’s just bussed another corporate move on the public and made it look conscience or deep? Stay woke! your comments are welcome we would like to know your thoughts>
young pharoah- Revolution.

Be aware of Fake News

The terrible acts of the weekend just passed have brought more histeria to London and the terror conversation. Extremism is a problem a serious problem.However is it being exploited now by govermment and the media for political gain. Some will argue that this is obvious. Its very perculiar that this terrorist attack would happen on the same week as the general election. Who is really planning such attacks on British people? We are now hearing both parties use the attack as propaganda to win political votes. We want to show all sides to issues which require an unbiased take on things and allow you as the community we serve to form your own judgement as to whether you believe the mass media’s side of events or see a bigger illusion. Share the content stay woke.leave your comments. And vote for the lesser evil.
Young Pharoah

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